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Payroll Service Comparison Chart 

Black Box Business Services
(such as QuickBooks®)
Other Payroll Services
(such as ADP® / PayChex®)


You can run payroll from any computer with internet access (OR we can do everything for you, once you send us hours).

You must use the computer where your accounting/payroll software is installed.

You must make yourself available to submit hours by phone or online.


We do the set up for you, there's nothing to install on your end.

Software and tax table updates required. No help with new hire reporting, W-4s, I-9s.

Paper-intensive manual process.

Email Reminders

Timely email reminders remind you of all important deadlines.

Online reminders exist, but they are not automated.

No reminders available.

Paycheck calculations

Instant and guaranteed accurate.

Instant and guaranteed accurate (but requires ongoing tax table updates).

Paycheck calculations are delayed from the time you report hours.

Direct Deposit


Extra charges apply.

Extra charges apply.


Print instantly on blank or pre-printed check stock - either at our office or yours.

No blank check printing option.

Delivered to your office for an extra fee.

Tax Impounding

No tax impounding- funds stay in your bank account until the payment is due.

Depends on service selected.

Taxes are withdrawn on each payday, typically several weeks before they are due.

Electronic tax payments and filings

Electronic 940s, 941s, 944s, W-2s, and e-file for most states (or we provide signature-ready forms).

Electronic functionality available for 941s, and very few states.

The service takes care of taxes for you, for an extra fee.

Customer Support

Free. As your trusted advisor, we're here to help you whenever you have a question.

Extra charges apply.



Easy data download to QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks® for Mac, Microsoft Money® and Quicken®.

Works only with QuickBooks.

Downloads data to QuickBooks, but as journal lump-sum. There are no split level details available.


As low as $ 49.95

Pricing can vary greatly by service selected.

Pricing varies by no. of employees and payroll runs. Additional fees for direct deposit, quarterly filings, delivery fees, W-2s etc.


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